Corporate website design for Banel International


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Project Objective

1. Make the website customer-centered.

2. Add features to allow product and service sales. 

3. Allow receiving of funds via the website.

4. Add room for marketing capabilities on the website. 

Project Overview

Banel Internation

Automating business processes and having effective communication with clients.

The project involved the digital transformation of Banel International’s marketing strategy and online presence to overcome industry challenges and achieve increased profitability and productivity. The company sought to transition from traditional methods to a contemporary approach that utilized the digital space effectively.


Our Approach

Primal Haven created a user-friendly website that showcased Banel International’s offerings and aligned with its brand identity. The website was made to be feature-rich allowing customers to have a complete experience and go through an entire sales process without the need for a  human guide. This was achieved through crafting engaging and informative content to highlight Banel International’s expertise and provide relevant CTAs to guide their visitors every step of the way.
SEO strategies were also implemented to improve Banel International’s website visibility and ranking, driving organic traffic and lead generation. 

The Results

By embracing a digital transformation journey with Primal Haven, Banel International successfully overcame industry challenges and achieved their objectives. The project’s focus on establishing an online presence, increasing brand visibility, driving sales and revenue, and accessing expertise and resources contributed to Banel International’s continued growth and success in the highly competitive training industry.

To thrive as a company in a competitive industry, it is necessary to have an online presence, unique ideas, and a strategic approach. These factors make the company stand out and enable it to reach its audience across the globe on various devices. Primal Haven plays a crucial role in helping clients achieve these goals through its reliable services and abundant resources. Ultimately, with the assistance of Primal Haven, Banel International was able to enhance productivity and successfully reach its objectives.

Primal Haven exceeded my expectations! They demonstrated the importance of 100% customer satisfaction in every single engagement. They created a website that strategically aligned with my company’s vision, and that was easy for a non-technical person like myself to use. I am very pleased with my website and I love their dedication. Thank you Team Primal Haven.
Website development
Elizabeth Owusu Boadi
Co-founder & Executive Director